Beware of imitators!

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It appears that, unfortunately, some of our competitors have not only taken inspiration from Winnie (flattering though this is) but have also, frankly, stolen from us. We put a lot of time and effort in to our website and Facebook presence and to have that flagrantly ripped off is disappointing. One has to wonder about the integrity of people who would seek to compete with us by cheaply copying our website and changing some names.

Winnie is a labour of love for us. We put our hearts and souls in to dressing her and selecting just the right props to create her unique look and feel. It’s more than just a business, we genuinely want to add a little magic to any event we’re at. We often say that the best part of our job is standing outside and hearing the roars of laughter within.

Winnie The original, and the loveliest ;)