Common Questions About Winnie’s photo booth

Where will Winnie travel to?

Winnie is based in Burnham-on-Crouch in the south of Essex. Because of the towing required it can take a while to for us to travel places. As such we tend to stay within Essex, East London, Suffolk, Norfolk and parts of Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Of course if would like us to travel further and are willing to contribute to the added cost of this then we’d be happy to accommodate you.

How long does Winnie take to set up?

We need at least an hour to ensure she’s perfect. Of course we can arrange to come earlier in the day or even the day before in some cases. We need about forty-five minutes to close down.

How does the photo booth work?

Winnie is a fully automated photo booth. All your guests see is a screen and a big illuminated button. The screen will invite your guests to push the button and from there everything is automatic. A countdown will warn your guests before each photograph is taken and will display the images briefly before moving on. See our how it works page for more.

Is there someone in Winnie taking the pictures?

No, it’s fully automatic. For the packages without the photo booth there is plenty of room for people to take pictures or selfies of each other.

How long does it take to print the pictures, and are they good quality?

It takes less than fifteen seconds to print each 6×4 print. They’re usually done by the time each guest leaves Winnie. The printer is a professional grade dye sublimation printer, similar to those used in many chemists and supermarkets. For more on our printer see our blog post, About Our Photo Printer.

How much room does Winnie need?

Winnie needs approximately six meters by six meters to pitch and for all the outside decorations. She also needs a place to park her vehicle.

What if I don’t have a power hookup?

We’re looking in to this. But we’re not sure a leisure battery will be good enough, and are concerned about the noise of a generator.

Does Winnie come with props?

Props and then some! We’re forever sourcing fun vintage and more modern props. In fact we have so many now that we can tailor the props we bring to the type of event.

Can I provide my own props?

By all means! Make it as personal as you wish, it’s your day!

How big is Winnie?

Winnie is a Sprite Alpine caravan and was originally designed to sleep three people, with four able to sit at the table. For the photo booth we remove the table and use one of the benches for the camera equipment and screen. We once had seven people squeezed in to one picture! Winnie is approximately 2.3m wide, 4.5m long, and 2.6m high.

What happens if the weather is bad?

In the event of light precipitation we have an awning and some umbrellas for your guests to use to get to and from Winnie. If the weather is particularly bad we can set up inside a venue, all we require is a table and some chairs. You’d be surprised how nicely we can decorate a corner somewhere!

Can I customise how my photo strips look?

Of course. We’ll work closely with you to create something especially for your day.

Can I have sepia or black and white photos?

Yes! Black and white, or sepia prints can add to the vintage feel.

Can I put any branding on the photos?

Yes, we can arrange to do this before the event.

How many photos do we get?

Unlimited! We don’t want to spoil the fun so you get as many photos as you like within the time we’re there. Our printer can print over four hundred 6×4 prints on a single roll of paper and ink ribbon before we need to put in new ones.

Can I have digital copies of the pictures?

Of course. We’ll post you a USB stick containing all the full images taken, plus digital copies of the photo strips, along GIFs and videos of your guests.

Do you provide a guestbook?

We do. We use high quality eight inch square albums in which we glue one copy of your photo strips and provide an opportunity for your guests to hand write a message.

What happens if Winnie is running late?

We pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service, but sometimes things are beyond our control. In these circumstances we promise to stay as long as contracted, even if that means being there late in to the night.

Will there be someone there to help?

Yes. Usually both of us will be there helping your guests, keeping Winnie tidy, and tending to any issues that might arise.

Will my guests be able to view and order prints of photos online?

We’re working on this and hope to have it available soon.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. We require a 20% deposit, which is fully refunded if you cancel with at least sixty days notice.

Is Winnie insured?

Yes. Winnie is fully insured for both public liability and professional indemnity. Winnie also has up to date electrical safety testing complete.

Anything else? Just contact us using the form below.